Sensory Hair brush



Rainbow sensory hair brush

Aqua sensory hair brush

$19.95 each 

Hair Brushing for children and adults with sensory processing disorder

It is important to note that children and adults with sensory processing disorders may face challenges while brushing their hair. This can be a common issue, and parents or caregivers of such children should be aware of it. The sensory sensitivity can make hair brushing a distressing experience for the child, which can lead to resistance or avoidance. As a result, they may resist any attempts made by their parents to brush their hair, even if it means going out with knots. These sensory hair brushes are made with Natural bristle brushes to reduce oil build-up on the scalp because the oil is brushed through conditioning the hair shaft right to the tip. The distribution of natural oils reduces the frequency of hair washing, which can also be difficult for children with sensory issues.

I have attached a link below that provides more information on hair brushing for children on the spectrum.