Child AirTag pins


AirTag pins for children: add an Apple AirTag to keep your children safe.

New to this stock, you will see I am stocking AirTag watches and brooches. If you are not familiar with AirTags, they are used to help locate items in the event they go missing by using other phones in the vicinity of the AirTag through Bluetooth. This will send you live updated information on where the item is. This is music to any parent's ears who is raising children on the autism spectrum who may be non-verbal or limited in communication; hundreds of children on the autistic spectrum go missing every year worldwide; although the majority of these children are located safely, some, unfortunately, are not. Going away on holidays, going to school or being cared for by family and friends can be anxiety-provoking for parents this is a safe way of knowing that your child is always safe if they happen to wander off. I have watch bands that can be adjusted to fit the wrist and are comfortable; if your child doesn’t like to wear watches, I have AirTag pins your child can wear. I will attach a link about AirTags. Disclaimer: I DON’T SEE THE APPLE AIRTAG. THEY ARE NOT INCLUDED.

It's a super soft, stretchy watch band for AirTag.

Keep your children safe by adding an Apple AirTag.

Apple AirTag not included.

Dinosaur child acrylic rewards jar.